The evolution of an original product idea.

The evolution of an original product idea.

The “evolution” of an “original?” Isn’t that on oxy-something?
Aside from manufacturing, another of my true passions is inventing. Although my company manufactures precision components for other companies, inventors, engineers and Doctors, at my company I’ve also manufactured (and Patented) a few of my own products.

Recently I published a Blog post titled, “A one stop machine shop so you don’t have to shop.” In that post I mentioned our manufacturing expertise and machinery capabilities and all the reasons why a customer would want to do business with us, (I tried not to brag!)😉

Anyway, with this level of expertise and manufacturing abilities, coupled with my passion for inventing, it’s easy to see why I pursue my own product ideas in my manufacturing facility.

Having thought up, designed, tested, manufactured and patented several products, it allows me to help other people take their idea through the entire process from idea to reality!
Interestingly, the thought and vision you have in mind for your original product idea will always evolve into something more viable.

Often, dreaming up the original idea is the easy part. But trust me, the process has just begun! It takes a lot of time and a lengthy process to design and validate your final product.

Your product should be designed to serve its purpose obviously, but your design should be honed in for manufacture-ability and marketability. Other factors that will influence your final design will be test results and consumer feedback about the prototype.

Many people are head-strong about their “original idea,” and often they don’t want to deviate from that idea. Having this mentality could constrain you from designing the best product that you are capable of! Also, if you don’t consider all of the design possibilities, another inventor just might do it for you and patent a better version of the product.

In my personal experience, you should let the entire design process allow your “original idea” to “evolve” into something far better than you could have originally dreamed up!
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Jason M LaRock – Open Minded Inventor

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