Momento Creations

by BEST Manufacturing

For the general public, we use touch-less 3-D digital scanning technology to capture your important life moment (like posing for a picture,) then we 3-D Print a creation for you to cherish and pass on to future generations. It only takes a moment to capture the Momento.

Scans and Creations for these Life Moments:

  • Wedding Cake Toppers (Torso only, full body coming soon…)
  • Baby Hands or Feet
  • Milestone Birthday or Anniversary
  • Family Members – All hands in!
  • Generational – All hands in!
  • Graduations (Head & Torso scan)
  • Trophies
  • End of Life (planned in advance)
  • Historical Preservation (Except Copyright protected items)
  • Pets (Coming soon…they move too fast for our current scanner!)
  • Full Body Scanning (Coming soon…)

Process & Pricing Details: 3-D Scanning sessions are scheduled and performed first, then post processing of the digital file occurs after your appointment.

After we’ve processed the digital file, then we’ll contact you and work together to determine material type and size for your actual 3-D Printed Creation (MOMENTO CREATION.) Your creation can be placed on a table or mantle, or can be mounted on a wall for example.

Prices vary for each MOMENTO CREATION, with final pricing determined by the options you’ve selected. A formal Price Quote will be presented to you for acceptance before we can proceed to manufacture your creation.

(More pictures and details coming soon to this page…)

Watch our Video PREVIEW to learn more!

When you want more than a memory; capture the Moment forever with MOMENTO CREATIONSâ„  branded products exclusively from BEST MANUFACTURING.


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