Don’t breathe on it.

Don’t breathe on it.

At my company we manufacture close tolerance high precision parts. We use both in-house 3-D Printing (additive) and CNC Machining (subtractive) manufacturing processes. We employ highly skilled machinists. Our talent, expensive equipment and software enables us to make parts come to life.

Does it sound like I’m bragging? I hope not! My point here is that we have a lot of talent and capability at my company. I like to say that we are a one stop machine shop, so that our customers don’t have to shop!

Having been in business since 1979, our manufacturing experience and capability is definitely your advantage.

When you come to us, if we don’t do all the manufacturing processes in-house, chances are that we’ve worked with and have validated a qualified vendor for those outside processes.

When our customer gives us a Purchase Order, that prevents them from having to place orders around town or around the nation for all the part processes involved to make their part.

By working with a turnkey precision machine shop like ours it saves you time and money. We aren’t afraid (most of the time) to tackle the entire part project as a service to our customers.

There are, however, many nights that I lose sleep wondering if that last $7 outside process is going to scrap the entire part that we’ve invested over $1000 per part in hard costs up to that point.

There are even some parts that we (jokingly) avoid breathing on which could warm the air enough to affect its tolerances.😉

What turnkey solution including light mechanical assembly can we do for you?

Source: Jason M LaRock
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