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Best Manufacturing owner Jason LaRock of Cameron Park points to the spool that feeds material to the printer head on a 3D printer in his shop in Cameron Park. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

3D Printer Adds New Dimension to Machine Shop

This news article pre-dates our 2016 business name change to BEST Manufacturing, LLC.

“What we have here is a really fun, creative and amazing family business,” said Jason LaRock.

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Making parts before making parts.

We’re in the business of making precision parts. These parts are usually designed by our customer. Sometimes, we’ll provide design advice for manufacture-ability of the part and our customer will often include our suggestions in their final design. If the part is designed with manufacture-ability in mind, it will be less costly to make, which […]


The case for a vault.

The case for a vault? Why do you need a case around a vault? That’s an interesting thought, but I’m not referring to a physical case around a physical vault. In this post I am “making the case” for using a secured workgroup folder as a vault to make sure mechanical part design and revision […]


Dirty drawings are a liability.

In my line of business as a build-to-print manufacturer (or Job Shop,) we see all kinds of drawings (or Prints) from Design and Mechanical Engineers. We’ve even bid from and made parts from napkin sketches having been sketched out by small business owners and inventors! Throughout the years we’ve seen the best looking well thought […]


The evolution of an original product idea.

The “evolution” of an “original?” Isn’t that on oxy-something? Aside from manufacturing, another of my true passions is inventing. Although my company manufactures precision components for other companies, inventors, engineers and Doctors, at my company I’ve also manufactured (and Patented) a few of my own products. Recently I published a Blog post titled, “A one […]


Don’t breathe on it.

At my company we manufacture close tolerance high precision parts. We use both in-house 3-D Printing (additive) and CNC Machining (subtractive) manufacturing processes. We employ highly skilled machinists. Our talent, expensive equipment and software enables us to make parts come to life. Does it sound like I’m bragging? I hope not! My point here is […]


To “Add” or to “Subtract?”

To “Add” or to “Subtract?” Should I use additive, or subtractive manufacturing processes to make my precision part? That is an important question facing many product designers, engineers, inventors and part buyers these days. It’s also a key question facing manufacturing companies, as they consider equipment investments to diversify their service offerings. If you didn’t […]


3-D Printing, a Loss Leader?

All y’all reading this are familiar with the term Loss Leader right? Well, if you didn’t know, a Loss Leader is basically a retail strategy where the retailer will advertise a product at a fantastic price and will even lose money on it. This fantastic deal will lead people into the store. While shopping, the […]


Your manufacturing price is 30 years old.

What does that blog topic mean anyway?  Here we are in the year 2015, and the hourly labor rates that a machine shop charges its customers for precision machining services is stale at about $75 per hour. This rate will increase slightly if a particular part has more complicated features or tighter tolerances. But generally […]


A slice of pie or slightly more?

Have you ever thought to yourself that it takes about the same amount of time to make a whole pie as it does to make just a slice of the pie? I didn’t think so! But for the sake of this blog post, that perspective about pie making will help you understand Setup Time in […]


We’d rather go broke by NOT making parts.

A few months ago I consulted at our facility with a Doctor / Inventor / Business Owner about his newfangled product. He needed a prototype made. He sought out our manufacturing services because he wasn’t happy with the machine shop he had used up to that point. Turns out that the machine shop he was using […]


Why read a BLOG when you can watch a VLOG!?

Useful Content + Audio + Visual = Absorption! 🙂

Video Blog from original Blog “A slice of pie or slightly more?”

This video blog will help you understand setup time in a manufacturing environment and how it relates to the per each price of the items being produced.

Video Blog from original Blog “Making parts before making parts.”

Before we can begin making customer parts, we have to make parts to secure their parts during each unique manufacturing operation.

Video Blog from original Blog “To Add or to Subtract?”

It’s best to consult with a company that has both Additive and Subtractive type manufacturing processes in house. Together, we can decide which method of manufacturing is best for your part-icular needs.

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